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Muppy Oral screen pearl I rigid / transparent

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Beim Kauf von mindestens 3 erhalten Sie  1x 93502 - Muppy Oral screen pearl II rigid / transparent  gratis dazu.

Beim Kauf von mindestens 3 erhalten Sie  1x 93501 - Muppy Oral screen pearl I rigid / transparent  gratis dazu.

The movable pearl attached to a wire guides the tongue to the correct position to the palate, in order to bring about the mouth closure afterwards.
At the same time, the tongue is guided upwards and to the front to prevent malpositioned teeth.
MUPPY® pearl is mostly used by children with Down syndrome and cerebral palsy so the muscle-weak tongue is trained.

Incl. storage box and user manual

Age 3 - 6 years
Content 1 piece
Material Plastic
Oral dysfunctions Increased salivation
Dentition Milk teeth
Hardness level rigid
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