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Friedensstifter class II

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The Friedensstifter® system is the first ready-made treatment system against snoring that offers multi-level diagnosis-relevant treatment devices. The Friedensstifter® is also used as a test device before a more complex therapy with a mandibular advancement splint (UPS).

The prefabricated thermoplastic aligner differs significantly from other prefabricated products with the same objective, as it takes into account the individual advancement possibilities of the patient as well as different bite positions (Class I (neutral bite position) and Class II (mandibular retraction)). 25 - 30% of people have a posterior position of the lower jaw with apparently protruding upper teeth (KL II dentition). The Friedensstifter® KLII has an advancement fixation of 6 mm and is indicated for a maximum advancement of approx. 9 mm.

Incl. storage box and user manual.

Action Shop Nein
Color transparent
Content 1 piece
Material Plastic
Oral dysfunctions Moderate sleep apnoea
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