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Friedensstifter Starter Set

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The Friedensstifter® system is the first ready-made treatment system against snoring that offers multi-level diagnosis-relevant treatment devices. The Friedensstifter® is also used as a test device before a more complex therapy with a mandibular advancement splint (UPS).

The two prefabricated thermoplastic aligners differ significantly from other ready-made products with the same objective, as they take into account both the individual patient's advancement possibilities and different bite positions (Class I (neutral bite position) and Class II (mandibular retraction)).
Most people have a (neutral) KL I occlusion, 25-30% have a mandibular setback with apparently protruding upper teeth (KL II occlusion).

The starter set includes 2 Friedensstifter® KLI, 2 Friedensstifter® KLII, 1 digital thermometer and 4 storage boxes.

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Color transparent
Content 1 set(s)
Material Plastic
Oral dysfunctions Moderate sleep apnoea
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