Prevention is better than aftercare!

Prevent harmful jaw anomalies with the specially designed early treatments. With the wide range of treatment methods, you can eliminate various dysfunctions and harmful habits at an early age and provide patients with improved jaw development. More specific examples of applications include myofunctional dysfunction, harmful sucking habits, open mouth postures, mandibular setbacks and pre-existing malocclusions and open bites.

OrthoPreventAligner® prevention M-hard -  90902
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OrthoPreventAligner® prevention M-hard
The OrthoPreventAligner® prevention helps to break sucking habits and to correct dysfunctions of the oral musculature
OrthoPreventAligner® open bite M-hard -  90912
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OrthoPreventAligner® open bite M-hard
The OrthoPreventAligner® open bite for the treatment of the frontal open bite.
OrthoPreventAligner® lower jaw retraction KL II-M-hard -  90922
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OrthoPreventAligner® lower jaw retraction KL II-M-hard
The OrthoPreventAligner® lower jaw retraction is suitable for the treatment of mandibular recession with elimination of the anterior tooth step.