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OrthoPreventAligner® prevention M-hard

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The OrthoPreventAligner® PR-M soft is a training device made of highly elastic silicone (shore hardness 45) for the primary dentition. It helps to break harmful sucking habits and other malfunctions of the oral musculature.
The restoring force of the material can correct harmful habits and dysfunctions, such as an open mouth posture, harmful mouth breathing and postural weaknesses of the oral musculature. The OrthoPreventAligner® PR shields the interfering soft tissues (tongue, buccal mucosa) and activates the mouth and lip muscles. It has an ideal semi-circular shape into which teeth standing outside the dental arch can be placed by the restoring force of the silicone. In order to achieve healthy nasal breathing in the case of existing mouth breathing, the device deliberately closes the mouth without air slits.
Incl. storage box and user manual

Dentition: Milk teeth
Oral dysfunctions: Prevention
Content: 1 piece
Age: 3 - 6 years
Material: Silicone
Hardness level: hard
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