Say goodbye to malocclusions and jaw anomalies!

The OrthoPreventAligner® system consists of prefabricated silicone appliances in various shapes for the primary and mixed dentition, which eliminate existing tooth misalignments and jaw anomalies. The OrthoPreventAligner® system is also characterized by a clear color-coded indication, which indicates the specific treatment tasks and initial situations. The therapy options are diverse and are used for open bites, mandibular setbacks, oral muscular dysfunctions, anterior steps, deep bites, bruxism and prevention.
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OrthoPreventAligner® prevention M-soft -  90901
OrthoPreventAligner® prevention M-soft
The OrthoPreventAligner® prevention helps to break sucking habits and to correct dysfunctions of the oral musculature
OrthoPreventAligner® open bite M-soft -  90911
OrthoPreventAligner® open bite M-soft
The OrthoPreventAligner® open bite for the treatment of the frontal open bite.
OrthoPreventAligner® lower jaw retraction KL II-M-soft -  90921
OrthoPreventAligner® lower jaw retraction KL II-M-soft
The OrthoPreventAligner® lower jaw retraction is suitable for the treatment of mandibular recession with elimination of the anterior tooth step.