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OrthoPreventAligner® lower jaw retraction Kl II-W-soft

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The OrthoPreventAligner® KL II soft is a training device made of highly elastic silicone (shore hardness 45) for the mixed dentition. It is intended for the treatment of mandibular recession with elimination of the excessively large incisor step.

This tooth misalignment is already caused in the primary dentition by persistent sucking habits. The elimination of the too large anterior tooth step is partially indirect by growth stimulation of the incorrectly posterior lower jaw. This results in the correct position of the lower jaw in relation to the upper jaw. In addition, there is a direct effect by resting the elongated and strongly backward inclined upper jaw lip shield on the incisors, which are usually in a gapped position. They are thus directed palatally, which contributes to the reduction of the incisor step. Eliminating the incisor step also improves pronunciation and facilitates biting with the incisors.

Incl. storage box and user manual

Action Shop Nein
Age 6 - 12 years
Content 1 piece
Material Silicone
Oral dysfunctions Anterior tooth step
Dentition mixed dentition
Hardness level soft
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